• To provide high-level training courses, facilities and premises and create a pleasant environment that encourages learning
  • To provide courses and training programs that meet clients’ specifications
  • To provide constant support to trainees throughout their training
  • To respect AFNOR certifications (our training courses comply with the AFNOR : 9001 and 14001-361 18001 standards)


Cédric Fargues

  1. Certification Manager
  2. Experienced Senior Electrical Technician
  3. Has worked for Dietsmann since 2007
  4. Electrical accreditation Trainer since 2015
  5. ATEX Trainer since 2017 and TSTBAT Trainer since 2018
  6. Competence certificates in explosive atmosphere IEXECOPC 05: installation (Ex003), Electrical installation test (Ex006), Electrical design (Ex009) and Installation in an explosive atmosphere

Landry Audard

  1. Electrician Function Expert
  2. Protection Relay Expert
  3. Has worked for DIetsmann since 1997
  4. Electrical accreditation & SEPAM Trainer since 2015

Jean-Christophe Boineau

  1. Manager of Electricity Department in Salies-du-Salat
  2. Speed drive and neutral earthing expert
  3. Has worked for Dietsmann since 2004
  4. Electrical accreditation Trainer since 2015

Jean Pierre Eugene

  1. Electrical Maintenance Expert
  2. Electrical certifications and Explosive Atmosphere Expert
  3. Atmosphere Expert
  4. Has worked for Dietsmann since 1982

Arnaud Bretonnière

  1. Dietsmann Group Training Manager
  2. Has worked for Dietsmann since 1999
  3. O&G Process / PP & Instrument Trainer and DQC Development Manager
  4. Responsible for DQC Development
  5. In charge of new training course implementation
  6. Defines the training process
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Our trainers are experts in maintenance thanks to the Group’s more than 40 years of experience

Experts with a rigorous approach

Trainer selection is based on pedagogical skills, expertise and knowledge acquired on Dietsmann sites around the world
Personalized training

Courses and programs tailored made to meet your needs

Personalized qualifications that meet the client’s operational requirements
Training from introductory level to required level
Certificate courses and programs are personalized to meet your needs. The College offers trainees with little or no experience a teaching program that takes them from the introductory level to the required level. The College also offers all-in-one training programs that encompass all your requirements
Operational conditions simulated

Operational conditions simulated

Bench tests for liquid and gas circuit simulation

Theoretical training reinforced with practical exercises and tests

500 m² of training space

Heavy machinery operation
Practical training in the use of on-site operating equipment, such as reciprocating and centrifugal compressors and centrifugal pumps
A complete range of training courses
The DQC is a leading center of maintenance training expertise. The College offers mechanical engineering, electricity, instrumentation, HVAC and maintenance training courses, including regulatory technical courses leading to electrical accreditation and ATEX